I’ve been trying to get my art business in order and it’s been mentally challenging. After so many years in law, I spend more time fiddling with language in legal documents than finding places to sell my art.

I often hear about artists that neglect the business side of their work and focus solely on their craft. I’d like to do more of that. However, I find it hard to tear myself away from the pull of the familiar. Maybe I need to think about delegating more or at least restricting how much time is spent on the computer?

How do others effectively manage this?

Who Am I?

I’ve been thinking a lot about identity – how we view ourselves, what shapes that view and how that view limits or drives us, how we affect the identity of others by the words we choose and how we treat them and how much of our identities are built around fear and a need for love and acceptance rather than truth. I’ve been thinking about the ideas of grief and social constructs and how we assume identities and mirror them and how we confront those ideas in mid-life and it gets called a ‘crisis’ when it really should be called an ‘awakening’.

Daring Greatly

Have you watched the Brene Brown special on Netflix? If not, get on it! After watching it, of course I had to read “Daring Greatly”. I have also been watching “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”. It’s a good complement to the book, because many of the interview subjects touch on the topics of being brave and having the courage to be vulnerable, the Ellen Degeneris episode especially.

I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the times when I am scared and to dig deeper and to also do less thinking, more feeling. Sometimes I get this wrong and end up thinking about feelings. Whoops!

Hi! Welcome!

This is where I will share what I am currently working on and reading/thinking/learning about. I expect to post about roughly once per month. As a “polymath, pain in the ass,” you can expect to see everything from PubMed studies, to books I am reading, to other artists I find interesting. I love creating and throwing around ideas so hopefully something here brings you joy or inspires you.